ArtWorks University

Event Production, Branding, Culture Development, Team Building


ArtWorks is the in-house on-air graphics division within NBCUniversal servicing NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, Today Show, Dateline, and Sprout 24/7/365. To maintain a culture of creativity and curiosity, ArtWorks leadership team wanted to create an annual internal event to celebrate what it means to be a creative thinker and foster the creative spirit.
At the beginning of the event, team-unifying swag packages were distributed in tandem with a town-hall kick-off event featuring senior leadership speakers and a catered lunch. Throughout the week 2-3 classes were offered each day, once in the morning, again in the afternoon and in the New Jersey office. Between the two locations there were a total of:
4 parties
18 Classes


Conceptualized, art directed and managed small team to produce the week-long event. Responsibilities included: Designing event brand package, developing class syllabus, identifying and coaching professors from within the department, art directing/procuring and compiling 200 “back-to-school” swag packages,” host “back to school” party and “commencement” party in both locations, and most importantly, coordinate week of classes.


Dana Li – Intern, Graphic Designer (2013)
Kulani Jenkins – Production support (2013)
Joseph Corcoran – Intern, Production support and some graphic design (2012)


ArtWorks Leadership Team


2013 & 2014
Ignite CNBC Conference
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