The Comcast Network: Now

Executive Storytelling, Animation, Animated Infographic, Visual Communication


Comcast is one of the largest cable networks in the world. Yet few people know how the network actually works. The Chief Network Officer wanted to shed light into this black hole at his 2013 Senior Leadership Summit in an exciting new way. For the first time ever, he wanted to tell this very complicated story. His Goal: to inspire and inform his team of network engineers by clearly demonstrating how and where they fit into the bigger picture of delivering content through the Comcast fiber network to their thousands of customers.


Strategic & Overall Creative Lead, Collaborative Script Writing, Client Management, Production Lead. Through close collaboration with the Comcast Chief Network Officer, executive team and a technical writer to develop a 5 minute infographic video that clearly outlines the different parts of the network and how each part is critical in the distribution of Comcast content. The video proved so successful it went “viral” within the walls of Comcast, was used for investor relations and even proved valuable to the U.S. Government in understanding the inner workings of this complex network.


Chief Network Officer




John Schanz, Chief Network Officer – Project Owner
Theresa Hennesy  – Project Lead, SVP, Group Technical Advisor, Comcast
Leslie Ellis – Technical Writer, Lead writer
Ventura Castro – Art Director
Ian Bonilla – Animator
comcsast still
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